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What is a Cold Storage Room?

A Cold storage room is a large refrigerated room with the purpose of storing goods in a cold temperature. The temperature can usually be set to the desired temperature depending on the good requirements. Common items stored in cold storage rooms are food, pet food, pharmaceuticals and healthcare supplies and more. Food is the most common use for cold rooms, to keep frozen, fresh and pre-chilled products preserved. It is the easiest way to prolong the lifespan of perishables and avoid food spoilage. Cold stores are usually located at the back of premises or in a separate outbuilding location to the main building.

As well as food storage, they are equally as beneficial. For non-edible products such as vaccinations, it helps them maintain their texture value, consistency and effectiveness.

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Benefits of Cold Rooms

There are several benefits to contacting a cold storage company. They save a lot of money for businesses as it avoids food wastage and food going spoiled. Hotels and restaurants can ensure they use fresh produce without the risk of it not being able to be used. Without having a cold room installation, it would be impossible to have foods stay fresh and at optimum quality. If you don’t have space in your current premises for a cold room, it is worth look at options as some companies offer local space to hire.


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