3 Signs You Need a Cambelt Change

What is a Cambelt and Cambelt Change?

A cambelt or a timing belt is one of the most important and essential components of your vehicle for the operation of your engine. The cambelt keeps the engine in sync, rotation the camshaft and crankshaft in perfect harmony for that comfortable ride that you are used to. It is hard to tell whether you need a cambelt change to the everyday average joe but if left unmaintained can cause exponentially and irreversible damage to your engine.

However, in this article, we are going to explain 3 symptoms that you should be looking a listening out for which could be subtle hints that your cambelt needs to be changed.


What to Look Out For!

There are a few tell-tale indicators to look and listen out for that can be warning you that your cambelt is closed to snapping or is severely worn. We are going to try to break down 3 of the most common and important signs of a faulty or worn cambelt. As soon as you think you notice one of these signs you should take your car immediately to a garage where you can get a quick and easy cambelt change service. Delaying should not be an option for if your cambelt was to snap this would lead to very costly repairs, not only a cambelt change but further engine damage will be caused. When a cambelt breaks the valves of the engine open out of sync causing them to be struck by the pistons. The has a destructive effect on your engine causing bent valves, cylinder head or camshaft damage, possible piston and cylinder wall damage.

Cambelt Change


Signs That You Require a Cambelt Change for Your Vehicle Include:

High Pitched Noises – If when you start your vehicle you hear a squealing like the sound this is likely to be associated with the vehicle having a worn cambelt which requires replacing.

Ignition Issues – One sign that could mean that your cambelt needs to be changed is if your vehicle is not starting at all. With a faulty or worn cambelt, the camshaft will not rotate when the crankshaft turns, therefore, the engine will not start.

Visual Signs – The best way to check your cambelt is to look at it with your own two eyes. If you can see signs cracking and fraying or the underside appears to look glossy the belt has become warn and lost its integrity. This means the cambelt will not adhere to its flexibility needs anymore as the rubber has begun to harden and should be replaced as soon as possible.